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Topic: career stress. please weigh in.

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  1. J...
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    29 August 2019

    Hey guys.

    so I'm in year 10 this year so we have to chose subject for years 11 and 12 aswell as start to think about what we want to do with our selves after school. quite surising to me that alot of the kids in my class have really clear plans of what they are doing next or at the least what they want to be, but I have no idea on what I want to do. this isnt much of a problem for me cause i usually just wing things anyway but im not sure i should be taking the same tactic with something like this. Im very lucky and i go to a private school which does mean there is ceratin expectaions for me to do something decent and not end up working a 9 to 5 retail job.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts whether your going through this now or youve already finished school.

    have a good day.

  2. quirkywords
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    29 August 2019 in reply to J...


    I understand there is a lot of pressure in year10 to choose subjects for your future.

    I think these days the key is to be flexible as you will probably have a number of careers in your life.

    Can you talk to your school careers counselling about what subject can maybe used in a number of different degrees and careers.?

    Some people know in primary school what they wanted to do, I was nearly 50 till I worked out what I wanted to do. Having the confidence to winging it is a skill, and also being aware of the opportunities that are available is a good plan.

    Thanks again for this interesting topic.


  3. Summer Rose
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    29 August 2019 in reply to J...

    Hi J

    I have two children who have finished their VCE in recent years, so I understand where you're at. Sometimes the course decisions seem overwhelming but you'll get through it.

    I wouldn't worry that your peers seem to know what they want to do. Many of them just think they know but things often change. My son started studying engineering and later switched to arts.

    It does help to have a plan, but I'd suggest a broad plan to keep your options open.

    My suggestion would be to take subjects that genuinely interest you, as you will likely be more motivated and engaged and, in turn, hopefully do well.

    Also think broadly about your areas of strength, as this will help to guide you. What are the subjects you do well in?

    My only caveat would be to continue with a second language, if you have one, as this will give your ATAR a boost.

    It's a good idea to talk about your ideas with your current teachers and parents, as they know you and will likely have some great insights. Excellent idea to also speak with the school's career adviser.

    Kind thoughts to you

  4. I don't even know
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    31 August 2019 in reply to J...

    Hi J,

    I'm in grade 12 at the moment. My advice is to do what subjects you think you'd enjoy the most. I'm in a different system (OP/QCS) so I'm not entirely sure how the ATAR stuff works. I remember being in your position and thinking my entire future was going to be set on what subjects I chose. I mistakenly chose subjects other people said I should do even though there were other subjects I liked a lot more. I was luckily able to change my subjects during grade 11 so now I'm doing subjects I like but can still do decently in. Keeping your options open is also a good idea if possible. School isn't the do all and end all, there are so many ways to do what you want in the future. Put your needs and mental health first during this tricky time.

    Hope this helps a bit