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Topic: Can't concentrate

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  1. AngelBear
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    20 August 2019

    Hi all,

    I'm in school and in year 11, The work was easy at the start of the term but now its harder and I know that it can be but I cant seem to concentrate, I don't know why. All I do now is sit at my desk trying to think and staring at the paper, I've asked the teachers for help but I don't take their answers that help.

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  2. quirkywords
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    20 August 2019 in reply to AngelBear


    Year 11 is hard as suddenly over the Christmas holidays one has supposedly matured into a thinking study person who has all the concentration , study and essay writing skills.

    It was many years ago since I was in year 11 but I remember being so overwhelmed by all the expectations on me by teachers.

    I wonder have talked to your friends to see if they feel the same way or maybe they have ideas that may help you.?

    Are you having trouble concentrating when reading or when listening to the teacher.?

    I know I find if I read in short bursts of 5 or ten mins and use little cards to write down any important information in point form.

    am interested to hear from you if you want to discuss this further. You are not alone and thanks for writing this post.


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  3. _ItsTheSecondAlex_
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    25 August 2019 in reply to AngelBear

    Hi AngelBear,

    I know this isn't helpful because I do not have useful tips and advice like Quirky did, but I can offer some solidarity in the fact that I can relate right now. I have been procrastinating so much recently and I have so much work. The amount of work I have is stressing me out, and this anxiety causes me to distract myself and procrastinate (which is what I'm doing right now unfortunately), and this procrastination and lack of completed work causes even more pressure and the cycle continues.

    I have told myself to restart and make a change; "I'll start work and won't stop in an hour", "Tomorrow is the day I'll complete all my assignments", "Tomorrow is Monday, I can stop procrastinating and turn my life around next week" etc etc. It never works unfortunately.

    I know this probably isn't the advice and support you were hoping for, super sorry, I just saw this post and found I could relate completely. You aren't alone.

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