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Topic: Build up of emotions

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  1. AshBaby9
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    1 September 2019

    I’ve been trying for ages to get a job. I’ve built a really good resume, I’m confident when applying in person, and apply as a mix of online and instores but noones taking me even into an interview :/

    i know it’s a competitive world but it’s just so hard because I need the money!

    lately I’ve been feeling so down over a build up of everything but I always come back to this. I feel like if I had a job I’d be distracted, and I would have the money to do the things that bring me down when I can’t afford to do them.

    i used to be a Christmas casual but I’m needing something more and at least a Christmas job leading up to Christmas!

    tbh i just feel so alone, I’m loosing all my friends and mentally I’m struggling.

    Anyone else overwhelmed too!?

  2. SimpsonsLover
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    1 September 2019 in reply to AshBaby9

    I definitely know this feeling! I remember there was a time when I really needed a job as well, and even with a great resume, I couldn't land a single callback or interview. It made me feel horrible.

    Have you tried using an employment agency? I know they can be pretty useful. :)

    Life can be seriously overwhelming sometimes. Just hang in there and things will work out.

    As for losing your friends, I dont know the details, but just remember, real friends won't walk out on you. Maybd you could find a free hobby group in your area (painting, sports, arts and craft - whatever you're into); that way you could meet some people with similar interests and do something you like to give yourself a bit of a break from the stress.

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  3. Summer Rose
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    1 September 2019 in reply to AshBaby9

    Hi Ashbaby9

    Welcome to bb and thank you for sharing your story. I'm really sorry that you're feeling down and struggling.

    I know it's hard looking for work and demoralising not to find success. Please know that it takes time and persistence for everyone.

    Sounds like you've put a lot of work into your resume and are confident about the presentation and interview side of things. Perhaps you could think about ways to boost your offering and stand out from the crowd.

    For example, when my daughter was looking for work in a cafe, she took a short barista course. There may be a similar course for retail work (you mention "stores" in your post). A first aid certificate is always a good addition to a resume. It also helps to be able to demonstrate some knowledge about the company you are applying to.

    Sorry to hear about the situation with your friends.

    Kind thoughts to you