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Topic: Bipolar 2 and drinking

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  1. Joe L
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    10 February 2019
    So im 18 in a small town and the majority of people my age as well as my friends drink for fun on the weekends as well as drugs (i'm not one to do drugs) but i drink still and it seems to make feel super anxious most probably due the bipolar. Would it be better for me to go sober or would i lose friends? I feel its the best thing to do however i just would like some insights. Thanks in advance.
  2. MsPurple
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    10 February 2019 in reply to Joe L

    Hi Joe and welcome to the forums

    At 19 I myself struggled with anxiety, depression and it seemed to get worse when and after I drank. I also found it hard to it hard to moderate when I was out because all of my friends would get intoxicated too. I decided I needed a break. I took a few months off drinking. Now people were ok with it because I offered to drive. All in all I think having a break maybe a good idea. It can't hurt having a break from alcohol.

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  3. Joe L
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    11 February 2019 in reply to MsPurple

    Thank you. I feel like I just do it because it's what you do in my town but i never really fit in to the whole idea of it. I think stopping even for a bit is good.

  4. geoff
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    11 February 2019 in reply to Joe L

    Hi Joe L, and welcome to the forums.

    MsPurple makes a good comment about being the driver for the night/day because even in small towns you have the chance of being picked for 0.05.

    Alcohol could increase the effects of any mood stabilizers that you may be taking and then increase your depression, you may know from experience but you can't be sure.

    When I've abstained it's interesting to see how people change once they start drinking, but the main point is your own health and you don't want to do anything that may provoke it to get worse, and I think the other point is if you abstain, is whether you want to stay around the people who are drinking because with the effects you will see them change.

    Best wishes.