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Topic: Becoming constantly anxious and paronoid, and could do with some help and support

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  1. Gary -45
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    19 June 2019

    hey everyone hope ur having a great day

    i could do with a bit of support/help at the moment

    I am 17 years old currently in year 12. Until around half way through last year I have always been a social butterfly and Made people laugh and smile and would go out a lot to parties and with my friends to places. I have been slightly depressed for a fair part of my life but it never really effected my social life. however in the last year I have started getting more and more anxious and now when ever I go to school, work, and the rare times I actually go out without bailing last minute I get anxious about talking to people and paranoid of what they think of me. I loved going to parties and going out with my mates but now I’ve turned introverted and left my self alone with my thoughts and I’ve noticed my mental health is getting worse and worse. I struggle to hold conversations, and don’t talk in groups, and cant introduce myself to new people(I used to love meeting and taking to new people). im starting to feel like all of my friends hate me and I don’t really talk to them anymore causing me to push my self further into isolation

    I used to be able to embarrass my self and be the Center of attention without a worry. But now All day I’m replaying social situations in my head making me anxious and extreamly paranoid,Making me even nervous to simply walk down a street and it’s getting worse

    this is having a huge effect on my every day life And I just want to be able to feel confident and be able to socialise like I used to, and enjoy life without being anxiety riddled constantly putting my self down snd Having extremely anxious and paronoid thoughts all the time.

    If anyone could offer me some support, or some ways to improve this aspect of my mental health it would really help me out at the moment.

    thanks heaps

  2. Jackson85
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    19 June 2019 in reply to Gary -45

    Hi Gary-45,

    This kind of feeling is more common than you'd think, especially at your age, with the pressures of year 12! It must be a really difficult trying to manage your social life if you're feeling extra anxious. It's totally normal to have these feelings, and for it to drive you inside, and make you not want to be the centre of attention, and I've felt similar things myself.

    One idea I have would be to see if you could speak to a psychologist. Sometimes when people have the feelings you describe, they can be having trouble with social anxiety, and a very common and effective treatment is what they call cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). That sounds serious and a bit crazy but really it's just a way of encouraging you to challenge your negative thoughts using evidence. So at the moment, when faced with a situation, like for example what would happen if you went down the street, your mind might automatically think of all the bad things, like you could trip and fall over and it would be embarrassing, or that everyone might look at you, or some other kind of reason to stay inside. What CBT does is it asks you to challenge those thoughts, and think of how likely those things are to happen, and what other positive things might occur. You might find your favourite snack is on discount at the supermarket, or someone might compliment your new t-shirt. There are good and bad things that can happen, but sometimes our mind just goes straight to the bad stuff!

    So maybe talking to someone, like your school psychologist if there is one, or your parents, and they could chat to you about it a bit more.

    Either way, thanks heaps for posting, and I'll be here if you want to chat some more :)