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Topic: Autism and the Internet never mix

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  1. AheadMatthewawsome
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    13 June 2020
    I have no problem with having Autism, I always say If there was ever a cure for Autism, I would not even consider it! It would change me too much, I am happy who I am. I am happy having Autism. Expect, when you are on the Internet.
    It all started on September 14th, 2016 when I was only 10. That was when the cyber bullying started. It has never stopped since, It is one of my biggest regrets joining ROBLOX.
    It started with the occasional troll that would say some mean stuff, but as I was 10, I could not handle it! But I made it. But that changed when I joined a communist military group on ROBLOX called the Imperial Robloxian Federation. I joined so I could play other roles in another game I played called Papers Please.
    There was some who we will call Doctor Henry, who was abnormal of bullying, and would abuse his power on me. It made me loss lots of confidence, and I joined and left multiple times within 2017. It became more serious when I joined Discord in December 2017. Where there was more severe cyber bullying to the point that I have never seen!
    Then it ended on the first week of March 2018 when I had my own fan club. With immense pressure I was forced to create a NSFW section. No big deal, they just put in some non christian stuff there like swearing, no big deal. That is what I thought. I did know it was for over 18's, so I tried for other people to take care of it, which they did not. I also had to test it. I thought that Hentai was just for swearing, not for porn with animation! I did not know that it was porn. I was shocked for life what I saw. I had to deal with that for a week, and my parents kicked me out. This same thing happened every few months on British Zulu Army, Stepford County Railway, Australia by Tony, and more! This just kept repeating itself, and it has never stopped. Now they know my last name, my old school, and almost everything except my address.
    Now for people who say Why did you not do anything about it?. At the beginning, I did not know how to report on Discord, nor take photo's of the bullying. Why did you not report it to the Police?, I did. I ran away from home to go to my local police station, but they told me to leave. It was good for only a little while. WHY ARE YOU STILL NOT DOING ANYTHING? I did report it to Discord and ROBLOX multiple times. ROBLOX ignored me and told me to report it again. Discord told me to do it the proper way, but that would make me too upset. I am also banned from talking about it. HELP ME
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  2. Sophie_M
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    13 June 2020 in reply to AheadMatthewawsome
    Hey AheadMathewawsome, thanks for sharing your journey with us here on the forums. We're so sorry to hear of your experiences with bullying on the internet. It sounds like it was a really overwhelming and frustrating experience for you. Please know that you don't have to go through this alone, there is help available to you.

    We would strongly recommend that you get in touch with Kids Helpline - 

    It sounds like you've been in a really tough situation and it might help to talk it out. Kids Helpline counsellors can be contacted 24/7 via telephone and also via webchat if you go through the website provided.

    Thanks again for reaching out as we know that it can be really difficult to do so. We hope that you find some comfort here in the words of wisdom and kindness that our community can offer. 
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  3. eight
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    13 June 2020 in reply to AheadMatthewawsome

    tbh id be Very Suspicious of adults trying to push a 12 year old (you were ten in 2016) to make a place in his own server for them to post porn. you say you expected it was for swearing and "non-christian stuff"? that just screams to me taking advantage of a kid not knowing what hentai is. i wouldn't blame you the internet thrives on minors who don't know the signs of predators or don't know about sex. its not even an autism thing id be seething if it happened to any other neurotypical tween

    even if i feel incredibly vindicated by the police just telling you to leave when you're reporting cyberbullying and abuse you could try calling your local police department - search up police department [your postcode] number or something to that effect and see how that works out. i do know lots of corps have that legal bureaucratic tape and filing the report and proving it was real is extremely painstaking when you have to relive the bullying. have parts about filing complaints of abuse and need screenshots and thats again another problem if as you said you didnt have any screenshots or knew what was going on and only have anecdote

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  4. AheadMatthewawsome
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    10 posts
    14 June 2020 in reply to eight
    I did not have enough characters to fully explain it. I was only 11 when this happened in 2017, now I am 13.
    Back in 2016, I did not know how to take screenshots or report them to Discord. But in 2019, similar people were doing the same thing, lets call these people The Rain Gang. I took photo's, as they were making fun of my school, pretending that my head was free real estate, and "pretend porn". Even some made his own server and invited my join it. I saw all the warning signs that it was porn, took photo's, and left. After that, I went and reported it to Discord, but then they told me that they do not accept screenshots, and told me to go back and get ALL of the messages ID's. That would of taken hours, maybe even days to do. And would of risked my mental heath having to back to all of those messages. I then made a complaint to the E Safety Commission. It took one month for them to reply, and I was in fear all Christmas of what they were going to do. Then they told me they had no relationship with Discord (which is a multi billion dollar company). So they could do nothing about it. Now I am stuck, and every bully I had, online or not since 2016 has gotten away, and some have even been rewarded for it! I am also risking myself because my doctors and parents have banned me from speaking out publicly about bullying because they think I will get targeted for speaking out about it. This is why I need help. While in the middle of being cyberbullied, I ran away from home, took the train to the police station. My parents were there, and they told me very sternly to leave the internet, leave Discord, leave ROBLOX. It only worked for a little while.
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