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Topic: anxiety < a trip

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  1. dee.d
    dee.d avatar
    4 posts
    21 March 2019

    my first time writing all this out, and i'm new here - so hello and thank you for deciding to read this.

    my anxiety had always been there, as it is for all people, but it wasn't until last year - being in the passenger seat of a car accident; brought a lot of past trauma back - into my life, that i obviously had repressed.

    and i have not been the same since.

    my brother died, i was eight.

    then my dad died, i was seventeen.

    and the car accident happened last year, and after that - my anxiety became to what it is today,

    almost unbearable.

    i have seeked support, and am currently undertaking EFT with my professional. she helps, but i thought that this may help me go further,

    because lately - i have not been doing well at all,

    mainly - because i'm not only anxious in general, but i am anxious, about being anxious.

    whilst I can find my anxiety becoming over bearing as i'm constantly overthinking and analysing nerving situations i am in, or creating false narratives designed to cause myself pain, and stress brew in my mind.

    i am in pain, i present myself as a casual, happy, fun individual who seems to be coping well on the outside,

    but internally - i feel so much more, pain, sadness, grief.

    i just am trying to better it all, and want relief - but it's very, very hard to find.

    i just want clarity from all of this, and i want to move forward, but it's been a everyday thing for the past month or so, i thought this may be a good place to start,

    thank you.

    it was even just nice to write this all out.

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  2. zoeoe
    zoeoe avatar
    6 posts
    22 March 2019 in reply to dee.d

    hi dee.d!!

    I don't have anxiety, and have not experienced any grief. but since you said that it was nice to just write everything down, I wanted to encourage you to continuing doing that. talking to people really does help.

    I wish you the best of luck :)


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  3. dee.d
    dee.d avatar
    4 posts
    25 March 2019

    thank you zoe, and will do believe me.

    i've been feeling better.

    thank you again - your reply has made my day.

  4. alma.63685
    alma.63685 avatar
    7 posts
    4 April 2019 in reply to dee.d

    Hiya dee.d

    What you're going through right now seems horrible and I hope you get better. I cant imagine how bad it would feel to be going through what you're going through.

    Once again, I seriously hope you feel better soon.

    - Alma