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Topic: anxiety ?

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  1. wildcat101
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    10 posts
    9 July 2019

    I haven’t been diagnosed but my anxiety comes and goes and is really confusing. in some situations i feel completely fine and some the thoughts in my head go out of control. at school in the morning my friends bus comes 15 minutes later then mine so i have to wait on my own for them at school. this is mainly everyday i don’t know what to do because i walk down the halls and see people look at me weird and in my head i worry. my chest kind of tightens, i become kinda breathless my hands start to sweat and i fidget with my hands. most of the time i just wait in the toilet stall and some days i cry because it all just gets too much these symptoms come every time i feel anxious. Situations replay in my head and i worry that i said something wrong and regret what i did in that moment. i could just be sitting in class and something pops into my head and i can’t get it out and i can’t concentrate therefor i don’t get any work done and then i worry about getting in trouble for not getting any work done. most of the time i have to do something with someone because i worry about saying the wrong thing like for example my teacher said if we want feedback on our exams then we can come see him in his office. i really wanted to get feedback but i was too anxious to go into the office because it’s the same office as one of the teachers i have had problems with in the past. and when you open the door everyone just looks at you and there is so many more reasons that kept going though my head over and over so in the end i just couldn’t do it so i didn’t. This is the confusing part i am really confident around my friends. i am pretty good at AFL and i have made a state team for it. so at domestic footy i feel confident and at trainings i talk to people with so much confidence. but after i worry i said the wrong thing and starting the conversation can be a bit difficult as well. I really want to talk to someone about how i feel but i am afraid that i don’t really have anxiety. i have tried talking to my mum but i left out a lot of details. i have done a bit of research and i worry that i am overreacting because of how confident i can be but then i think how anxious i get sometimes. i read all of the posts other people put on and my experiences seem like nothing compared to what other people go through so i really don’t know what to do. This is only some of the things that go though my head and some of the situations in my life i just want some guidance about how i’m feeling.

  2. Marie_W
    • Masters of Psychology student on placement
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    10 July 2019 in reply to wildcat101

    Hi Wildcat101,

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with anxiety. I don’t think you are overreacting to the thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms that you are having - it sounds very overwhelming. Your experiences are important too, regardless of what other people may be going through at the moment.

    It sounds like the anxiety is making things very confusing and difficult for you right now – sometimes you feel really confident, and other times you feel completely overwhelmed by the anxiety. It sounds like you may feel less anxious when you are somewhere you feel comfortable - like at a footy event or with friends?

    It also sounds like the anxiety comes when you least expect it (like when you are in class) and thoughts of doing or saying the wrong thing get stuck in your head. This may stop you from doing things that you really want to do (such as talking to your teacher after your exam) or getting your work done. Does that sound right?

    It's great that footy is a positive experience for you and provides a place for you to feel comfortable and confident. It also sounds like your mum is available to talk to about the anxiety, even if she doesn't completely understand what is going on for you at the moment.

    I hope this forum provides some support and guidance for you. You said that what you have discussed in this post is only some of the things that are going through your head right now, so if you would like to talk more about that, or to talk more about your experience with anxiety, it would be great to hear more from you when you are ready.

    - Marie (:

  3. wildcat101
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    10 posts
    10 July 2019 in reply to Marie_W

    I only started to feel anxious when i stared high school and my feeling really took off a little bit ago. A little back story 10 months ago i got a life changing injury it was only a stress fracture but sport is a big part of my life. i was stuck on crutches and a boot for 3 months and had to rehab for another 3. this was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. i do a sport program at school 6 times a week and outside of school i do something practically everyday. during those 8 months were hell me and my friends would usually play sport during lunch and they didn’t want to change that for me when i couldn’t. So i was left alone everyday and they wouldnt even walk with me because i was too slow with my crutches. This meant i had to drop out of the sport program at school. So of course that is another time for them to forget about me and leave me alone

    because of this i had to move into new classes at school and do to this i had to talk to my head of house. the first challenge was to build up the confidence to go to her office alone and even start the conversation which didn’t end up happening because i got too scared she came and found me. then when we were going though the subjects she questioned the reason of why i was moving out. i had already gone though my recovery and rehab and then someone questions the reason i can’t play sport. she wasn’t really nice. anyway i couldn’t decide on the spot because i didn’t know what to do as all my friends didn’t sport at the time and it meant i had to join a class and do it alone. so she told me to come back when i had decided. no way was i going back to her. but the conversation we had keeps piping into my head and all these bad thoughts of what u could’ve said and what i did wouldn’t get out. so i had to get my mum to do it for me. i am sound advanced classes and she didn’t really think i should’ve been so my mum calling and sorting out my problem didn’t really help it

    also i have a bit of a problem i find it hard to sleep at night as my head just goes bananas so to stop that i have to listen to music or a podcast or something. but i am going away with state football and we aren’t allowed our phones past a certain time meaning i can’t listen to music meaning i probably won’t get to sleep and that is the most important thing that i need so what do i do. i don’t really want to have special privileges as i feel people will judge me and no way would i want to mention the reason.

  4. MsPurple
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    11 July 2019 in reply to wildcat101

    Hi wildcat and marie

    On this beyond blue page there is a K10 test (under the tab the facts). It can give you some more insights on some of the signs and symptoms od anxiety/depression. It is also helpful to see where you are currently at (note results can vary based on how you are that week, for example my doctor gets me to do it every mental health review).

    I myself have struggled with anxiety myself. I used to be plagued by memories that would just hit me out of the blue, sometimes it would keep me up at night. (Memories from when a kid broke their arm when we were playing tiggy). I didn't get why I felt that way. I couldn't explain it and I was embarrassed by it. I know how it feels to have anxiety and to be ok most of the time, but one day in a normal situation you have done hundreds of times, it may not be ok. It can be really frustrating.

    I thought I might suggest a youth mental health service. I went to them when I was at uni. It is called headspace. They have various centres around the country as well as an online only service if you are not wanting to go in person (or if you want to talk before you see someone). If this isn't for you, you could see the school councellor or maybe discuss with your GP. For more info go to Taking the first step can be the hardest and most scary, but the way I think of it, one scary step is better than having this constant feel of dread due to not knowing if anxiety is going to behave today.