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Topic: Am I having panic attacks?

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  1. ilikehouseplants
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    2 posts
    29 April 2020

    Hi everybody, I've never made a post in an online forum about this type of thing before, but i really don't know where to turn.

    I've always been a person who worries a lot and gets anxious feelings, but recently (for about 2 months), almost everyday i get this feeling in my chest and stomach, like my heart is being squeezed and my stomach is churning. It feels like the scary feeling when you're at the top of a rollercoaster and suddenly drop, it feels like I am falling. This feeling is usually manageable, and I can make myself feel better when it occurs, but it does make me very uncomfortable.

    But if something even goes the slightest bit wrong, I feel like I fall apart. A small disagreement with a friend can feel like the world is ending. I get that feeling, but I can't shake it. I start sobbing violently and it feels like I can't get enough air, and occasionally this has lead to me being extremely nauseous and sick because of my heavy breathing makes me feel like I'm choking. I don't know what to do, I can't calm myself down or think straight, I just hide under my desk until it is over. It usually lasts about 40 minutes - an hour. I used to think maybe this was just a bad crying session, but now I think these 'episodes' or what not are actually panic attacks.

    Last year a therapist told me I had GAD, but I honestly didn't take her seriously because i didn't think i was "bad enough" to have an anxiety disorder (though now I feel I was just in denial). I always thought I was just a 'worrier' and very sensitive, but now these feelings are taking a massive toll on me and seem to be getting worse as I get older (I'm 18 now).

    Are these episodes I'm going through panic attacks? Or am I just crying?
    Any suggestions or opinions or anything would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much in advance.

  2. Rumples
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    95 posts
    29 April 2020 in reply to ilikehouseplants

    Hi ilikehouseplants,

    First of all, thank you for reaching out to us here, you're not alone. We're here to listen and help you through this.

    Okay, you definitely need to go and see your GP. These symptoms you're describing most certainly aren't natural and need to be diagnosed by a medical professional. Tightness of the chest, trouble breathing, nausea and vomiting are a concern. You need to have this seen to ASAP.

    Please come back to us let us know how you're going.

    Your friend Rumples

  3. ilikehouseplants
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    2 posts
    30 April 2020 in reply to Rumples

    Thank you for your reply, Rumples.

    I will try see a GP sometime soon (of course a bit more complicated with what's going on right now). I will let you know how it goes. Thank you again.

  4. Rumples
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
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    95 posts
    2 May 2020 in reply to ilikehouseplants

    Thanks ilikehouseplants,

    Can't wait to hear of your progress. (BIG hugs)

    Rumples xx