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Topic: 15 years old is this anxiety?

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  1. Jacob20030
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    20 November 2018
    I think I've had it since I was really young the first time I can remember it flaring up is one time when I was like 7 or 6 I felt super spaced out at school and I had to go to the sickbay area and they thought I was sick and then when I got home I instantly felt better and my mum thought I was faking it,but I always remember feeling abit spaced off and foggy and abit out of it when I was like outside and going to other places other than home, I also remember ever since I can remember when I went into dark rooms such as movie theaters I'd suddenly get this feeling where i dont feel there and felt like i was dreaming and I'd have a minor panick attack and freak out,idk it just happened all the time when darkness was there and I'm just wondering if its anxiety related or some weird medical issue, I also struggled with dizziness in the past like feeling off balance constantly,so glad that's gone now but yeah. Sorry this is all over the place I gtg somewhere soon and I'm rushing this lol. Also ever since sometime last year I've had what I think is depersonalization,i keep asking weird philosophical questions i cant feel nostolgia memory has gone to shit dont feel like I'm even typing this right now I feel so out of it I dont really recognise myself and my voice I don't really feel "here" i cant think straigjt cant imagine things and I havent been having panick attacks at all because I literally just cant like I'll do all the things I used to do that made me panick and it wont anymore, now that should be a good thing but its scaring me because it just went away for no reason like I literally cant have anxiety it's like my minds been shut off. I also can't feel time passing like usually there was a flow of the passage of time during the day but nah that's all gone, I've had no trauma in my life I've been perfectly healthy no issues with family friends it's weird, maybe stress caused all this?I have no idea can anyone please help me? I'm only 15 btw
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    20 November 2018 in reply to Jacob20030

    Hi Jacob,

    In a situation like yours the best advice I can give you is to tell your parents and ask them if its ok to go and see your doctor about your problems. You can get sick in the mind as easily as in the body; so your doctor is always the first one for help.

    Get well soon, I'm sure theres a way


  3. Jacob20030
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    2 posts
    20 November 2018 in reply to SPOONO
    Do u personally think that its anxiety related though from what u have read