National Youth Week

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What keeps you well?


Keeping well is all about finding a balance, so it’s important to seek support if you're having a hard time, as well as doing things that help you to feel better. This year for National Youth Week, beyondblue wants you to tell us how you keep well, by creating a wellbeing post and using our #keepsmewellproject hashtag.


How to participate

  1. Create a wellbeing post for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – it can be anything from a poem, photo/image, illustration, phrase, video etc. of something that keeps you well, like playing with your pets, exercising, catching up with friends or listening to music
  2. Upload your wellbeing post using #keepsmewellproject and ensure:
    – your Instagram is set to public and the hashtag is mentioned in the caption of the posts, not the comments
    – your Facebook post is set to public
  3. Keep an eye on the feed below for your creation to appear

For more information about how the creative posts will be managed, see the Terms of Use Guidelines.


Taking care of yourself

We know that taking care of yourself can be hard when you are not feeling well, but having a healthy lifestyle helps to improve your energy levels, helps you think more clearly and helps build your confidence and overall sense of wellbeing.

There are many things you can do to help yourself stay well. Eating wellexercising regularlyhobbiesgetting enough sleep and connecting with friends are all positive changes you can make to support your mental health.​

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Changing how you think

A big part of staying well is changing how you think, which can change how you feel.

Thinking in a more helpful and realistic way encourages you to try new things and helps to put things in perspective – no matter what your situation.

Changing the way you think to be more realistic also:

  • helps to calm you down 
  • reminds you that no one is perfect and that no situation is perfect
  • focuses your thinking on the positives of a difficult situation. 

The good news is that there are ways to challenge negative thinking and help you to focus your thoughts on more realistic and helpful thinking. 

Checking-in with a friend

Sometimes when you are in tune with your mental health and looking after yourself, it becomes a lot easier to notice when a friend or someone your care about isn't acting the way they normally do. It can be hard to know what to say or do when you think a friend might be struggling, so ​beyondblue​ has developed the Check-in app to help check-in with a friend you are worried about.

The app takes you through four steps, super easy and super quick, getting you to think about where you might check in, what you might say and how might you support your friend. There is also a section showing you things to consider, such as what if my friend denies there is a problem or what if I say something silly.

After you have had your conversation you can go back into the app and rate how it went and it will then give you advice on the next steps. There's also links to where you can get support and tips from other young people.