If you stumble make it part of the dance

Do something about it

​Taking action is the best way to tackle anxiety and depression. The sooner you seek support, the closer you will be to recovery. There are lots of positive things you can do and lots of people who can support you.

Getting help

Stressing out, feeling down, getting depressed or anxious – these are common experiences for young people.

Rather than ignore these feelings and hope they go away, Youthbeyondblue encourages young people to seek help. But what does 'seeking help' actually involve? Who should you go to and how do you do it? In this video series, Youthbeyondblue takes a look at what it's like to get help from a range of professionals.


Keeping well

There are many things you can do manage anxiety and depression and to help you recover. Eating well, exercising regularly, hobbies, getting enough sleep and connecting with friends are all positive changes you can make to support your mental health.